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Video: Dr. Keith Ablow Says it's "Nuts" to Allow a Boy to Play with Dolls

Psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow appeared on Wednesday's 'Normal or Nuts?' segment on Fox & Friends where he responded to a female viewer who was worried because her nephew played with dolls and her niece played with action figures, reports (video below).

Dr. Ablow said: “I would say to this woman, you’re sister-in-law is, drum roll, nuts. I am fairly well known for not loving gender bending. I don’t think it helps anybody. I don’t think it’s so bad that boys be boys."

“What’s so bad about kids being able to be masculine and feminine? Do we have to wrench this into some non-genderness? This woman is nuts.”

However, William Pollack, a psychologist and child behavior expert at Harvard Medical School, told ABC News that it is “absolutely normal” for a boy to play with dolls.


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