Video: Dr. Drew Says Charlie Sheen's Recovery Won't Last

Appearing on 'The Wendy Williams Show,' TV substance abuse counselor/star Dr. Drew expressed skepticism as to whether Charlie Sheen could stay drug free (video below). Dr. Drew told Wendy: "I believe he's abstinent right now." He went on to explain that if Sheen is an addict, then "he will go back. That's just the way addiction works."

Sheen had told Williams that he quit cold turkey on a previous show, which Dr. Drew doesn't believe possible, even after Williams reminded him she quit cocaine cold turkey. "You're not an addict, then. You were just using a lot of cocaine," he said.

Dr. Drew further explained that the difference is that an addict needs treatment to stop because of "a disturbance in the brain motivational system" and suggested that Sheen is probably taking medication to help him abstain. "My eye tells me it's the medicine," he said of Sheen's sobriety.

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