Video: Dog Bites News Anchor Kyle Dyer on Live TV

An incredible and disturbing piece of video -- a dog bites a news anchor on live television.

On Wednesday morning Denver's KUSA-TV was doing a segment on a dog that was rescued from a freezing pond. The officer who saved the dog was there, as were the dog's owner and of course the dog, Max, an 85-pound Argentine Mastiff.

Anchor Kyle Dyer was petting the dog throughout the segment when at the very end she got her face close to the dog's mouth, and the dog bit her in the face.

Dyer was rushed to a hospital where she underwent reconstructive surgery. The station said she is in fair condition.

"She's doing well, and will make a recovery, and we're all thinking about her and her family," station vice president Patti Dennis said. "Kyle will be back in a period of weeks -- probably several but she will be back."

The dog is now is possession of animal control officers.

Here is the video followed by an update from the station:


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