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Video: Did Nancy Pelosi have Plastic Surgery?

Right-leaning newspaper the Washington Examiner is speculating that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has undergone plastic surgery on her face, prompting a sharp rebuke from her spokesman.

Following a recent CNBC appearance, the Examiner asked, "Is that all the House-keeping she's been doing?" The report claimed Pelosi may have had a facelift and Botox to make the 71-year-old grandmother look younger.

Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr Ayman Hakki told the newspaper he thinks she did indeed have a few procedures done.

"Looking at recent pictures of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, I believe she had Botox and fillers like Juvederm injected in her marionette lines, the lines from the side of the mouth down to her jowls," he said. "Furthermore, she definitely underwent a face-lift a few years ago. The reason she looks different now is because she used to look pulled and tight. With time the procedure looks more natural and her face is looking the way it is supposed to look."

When the Examiner reached out to Pelosi's spokesman for comment, he said, "You are a disgrace to journalism."

Here is the disputed CNBC interview:


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