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Video: Defense Contractor KBR Poisons U.S. Soldiers, Wants U.S. Taxpayers to Pay

KBR, formerly Halliburton, which was former vice President Dick Cheney's company, wants U.S. citizens to pay for their poisoning U.S. service members, reports The Young Turks on Current TV (below).

After the invasion of Iraq in 2003, soldiers, members of the military, National Guard and reserve units were assigned to secure the Qarmat Ali water treatment center, where sodium dichromate, an anti-corrosion chemical was present on the grounds.

U.S. soldiers were told by KBR contractors, who ran the plant, that sodium dichromate was just a mild irritant, but the toxin is actually strong carcinogen.

A jury found KBR guilty of negligence in the poisoning of 12 members of the Oregon National Guard and ordered the company to pay $85 million in damages in November  2012.

Now, KBR says taxpayers should pay for the verdict (won by 12 members of the Oregon National Guard who were exposed to sodium dichromate) and more than $15 million that KBR spent in its legal defense.

KBR's contract with the U.S. includes an indemnity agreement protecting KBR from legal liability, KBR has claimed in court filings.

However, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contracting officer told KBR in November 2011 that litigation costs "are not covered by the indemnity agreement."

The indemnity agreement has not been made public because the U.S. Military considers it classified.


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