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Video: Courtni Webb Suspended from School for Poem About Sandy Hook Shooting

Courtni Webb, 17, has been suspended from her school for writing a poem about the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School earlier this month (video below).

Webb, who attends Life Learning Academy on Treasure Island, San Francisco, wrote the poem in her notebook about Adam Lanza and what she felt were his reasons for gunning down 20 students and 6 adults.

In her controversial poem, Webb wrote, in part: "I understand the killings in Connecticut. I know why he pulled the trigger. Why are we oppressed by a dysfunctional community of haters and blamers?"

The poem was found in Webb's notebook by a teacher, reports the Daily Mail.

Webb's mother Valerie Statham told the NBC Nightly News: "I feel like they're overreacting. Why? Because my daughter doesn't have a history of violence. She didn't threaten anybody. She didn't threaten herself. She simply said she understood why."

The school said in letter to Webb said that she violated the school's zero tolerance for violence (even though Webb has not committed any violence).

The school called Webb's poem a "note" that "contained deeply concerning, threatening language related to the recent shootings in Newtown, Connecticut," however, the school has not contacted police about the supposed threat.

The San Francisco Unified School District is currently deciding Webb's future at the school and if she poses genuine threat to fellow students.


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