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Video: Convenience Store Boots Ambulance's Tires While EMTs Attend to Man Inside Store

Quickie’s Convenience Store, in New Orleans, recently put a parking boot on an ambulance's tires while EMTs were giving medical assistance to a man inside the store (video below).

Police said Ahmed Sidi Aleywa put the boot on the ambulance on November 30, reported WWL-TV.

An ambulance spokesperson told WWL-TV: “We actually had to delay that patient’s care by calling another ambulance out here to come transport this patient."

Store employee Ali Colone told WWL-TV that Aleywa was fired: "The guy that did this, he came from another country. He didn’t even know what an ambulance looked like.”

Colone added that the store will continue to enforce its customers-only parking rule: anyone who leaves the property will have boots attached to their tires.

The store charges $115 to remove the boot, $25 more than the city limit.


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