Video: Controversial 'Baby Yoga' Routine Swings Babies Around By Their Limbs

51-year-old P.E. teacher Lena Fokina is causing controversy with her baby yoga routines, which include spinning young ones around by their wrists and ankles. Some of the routine has been caught on video (below) and uploaded to the web, prompting alarm.

According to The Daily Mail, the baby yoga moves are part of her 'Parenting the Deliberate Way' seminar, in which parents actually pay her two fling around babies, as young as two weeks. The 12-day seminar, which takes place in Dahab, Egypt, costs about $400 per family.

Fokina says: "It's very good for babies and not dangerous at all. Some babies cry at first, but they begin to enjoy it. Most people think young babies can only lie on a bed, eat, and cry. But babies are born with natural reflexes, which we can use to help them develop physically and intellectually."

"I work with parents from across Europe. I hope soon I will be working with a family in England. I think there are a number of open-minded parents there whose babies could benefit from my work."

Fokina adds: "The Charkovsky method uses these natural reflexes for child training. The amount of time it takes to train an adult to do it on a child depends on the sensibility of the child’s parent. Sometimes it only takes one training session."

"The method was originally developed to cure and correct the health of children having muscular or skeletal problems but it is also suitable for healthy children. The movements are designed to improve their muscular abilities and development."

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