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Video: Burglary Suspect Darren Porter Escapes in Police Car, While Handcuffed

Police in White Settlement, Texas, are searching for burglary suspect Darren Porter, who escaped in a police car after being arrested (video below).

Police initially arrested Porter at the scene of the burglary, handcuffed him, and placed him in the back of the police car, reports CBS Dallas-Fort Worth.

Lieutenant J.P. Bevering told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth: “He was able to roll down the back window. He’s a very skinny individual and was able to slide out the back window.”

Porter then jumped in the front seat and took off.

Kenny Boone, the man whose business was being burglarized, said: “It kind of reminded me of the Keystone cops. They were all running for their police car to chase this guy. I shouldn’t say it was funny but it was kind of comical.”

The car was later found abandoned in Fort Worth, but Porter is still missing. He is now facing charges of felony theft and escape in addition to the original burglary charges.


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