Video: Arthur Goldberg Compares his Ex-Gay Therapy Business to Weight Watchers


Arthur Goldberg, founder of the ex-gay therapy company Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing (JONAH) in Jersey City, New Jersey, is being sued by several former gay clients [and their mothers] for consumer fraud and failing to turn them straight.

According to the lawsuit, the therapy sessions sometimes involved patients and counselors undressing, 'cuddling' between young patients and older male counselors, and patients holding their penises in front of staff.

Before founding JONAH, Goldberg was convicted on felony charges and served time in prison for mail fraud and conspiracy, however, now he has become a hero to the Religious Right, reports

While speaking to American Family Association president Tim Wildmon and Family Research Council head Tony Perkins on the American Family Association radio show today,  Goldberg denied that he defrauded customers by advertising that his group is able to cure clients of being gay.

Goldberg defended his company by saying: "If I went to Weight Watchers and wanted to lose 60 pounds, but didn't lose the weight at Weight Watchers, does that mean someone should be suing Weight Watchers?"

Goldberg failed to mention that losing weight via exercise and calorie control is a scientifically proven method, while ex-gay reparative therapies are not been supported by the mainstream medical establishment.


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