Video: Angela and Gregory Danner Arrested for Military-Style Punishments of 15-Year-Old Son


Angela and Gregory Danner have been charged with misdemeanor crimes for punishing their 15-year-old son with military-style exercises in Eagan, Minnesota (video below).

The teen, who has Asperger’s syndrome, was forced to live under video surveillance in a room with no lights or a bed. He was made to perform chores in the backyard, by his step-father Gregory, wearing only a pink thong, reports KMSP-TV.

Authorities told the Danners to change their treatment of the boy in April, but they did not. The boy told police that the couple severely limited his showers, telling him to use the shower at his natural father's house.

Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom told KMSP-TV: "This was a 15-year-old boy. He wasn’t a Marine recruit. Being put through that type of military-style exercise on a daily basis and being required to sleep on the floor in a dark room with the windows shaded off so no light came in… That is a very unusual circumstance, and one which we think crosses the boundary of what’s appropriate under the law.”

The boy is now living with his natural father, David Nails, and the Danners face up to two years in jail.


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