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Video: Analía Bouter Finds Her Still Born Baby is Alive 12 Hours Later

In Argentina, Analía Bouter insisted on seeing the body of her daughter, who had been born three months prematurely.

Twelve hours after her baby was pronounced dead by doctors on Tuesday morning, Bouter found the infant alive and breathing in the morgue (video below).

Bouter told local media: "I went with Fabián, my husband, at around 9pm to see her body. We opened the drawer and I touched her hand. I felt her look at me and when I saw her alive I fell to my knees. Then suddenly she let out a cry. She was freezing in there."

Bouter and her husband have named their daughter, who is healthy in hospital, Luz Milagro, which translates as "Light Miracle."

Bouter said: "Luz is a miracle. If we had left it to go and see her another day, she may not have held on."

José Luis Meiriño, director of the hospital, said: "We work under strict protocols, but there's no explanation for this. The baby was attended to by obstetricians... and they all reached the same conclusion, that this girl was stillborn.’

Meiriño suggested that hypothermia may have caused the baby to go into hibernation, which may have caused her vital signs to not show up.


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