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Video: Alex Jones Attacks Piers Morgan, Glenn Beck

Conspiracy theorist radio and founder Alex Jones appeared on HuffPost Live today where he slammed Piers Morgan and Glenn Beck.

Jones also went on a rant against the military-industrial complex, pharmaceutical corporations and the media.

Jones even slammed HuffPost Live, calling it the “Soviet Command Center,” reports

Jones said of fellow conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck: “He thinks his audience is stupid. He’s a gatekeeper. It’s Glenn Beck who has promoted torture. He’s taken all the stuff I’ve written that’s true and reworked it, neo-con’d it, and then rolled it out later."

"So he’s mad that I’m getting on hundreds of stations. He’s mad that I’m getting attention. I’m not here trying to be numero uno like Glenn Beck; I’m here trying to save our Bill of Rights and Constitution.”

“Glenn Beck knows the Republican Party is dying, he knows the Democratic Party is basically turning into a massive system And so he wants to basically come in, because most Americans call themselves libertarians, and he wants to brand it so that he’s the leader, and he’s the head of libertarians.”

Jones added that Beck “really disdains his audience and he’s a despicable person just like Piers Morgan.”


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