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Video: After Being Arrested, Ceasar Meraz Punches Prison Guard

Ceasar Meraz was recently arrested for allegedly attacking four students outside a Mesa High School in Mesa, Arizona at 6:40 am on Wednesday.

No weapons were involved and none of the students had severe injuries. Meraz picked the fight because he "wanted to fight someone," reports My Fox Phoenix.

Just as Meraz was trying to leave, a school resource officer stopped the 25 year old and detained him until police arrived.

Mesa Police Sgt. Tony Landato told My Fox Phoenix: "The subject admitted to everything and his only explanation was that he felt like getting into a fight. If you are going to wander onto campus and assault students or staff you are going to go to jail. We have zero tolerance for that and the safety of those on campus is the highest priority."

Later in the day, Meraz was arrested and booked into Mesa City Jail, where he punched a prison guard in the face (video below).

A group of five officers eventually restrained Meraz, who was lying face-down with his hands behind his back at the end of the video.

So in addition to the charges for allegedly attacking the students, Meraz is facing charges for assaulting a police officer and a prison guard.


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