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Video: 911 Dispatcher Falls Asleep During Emergency Call

According to CNN, a woman in Montgomery County, Maryland called 911 for help when her husband had difficulty breathing and started turning blue.  

However, minutes into the 911 call, the dispatcher on duty fell asleep and began to snore (video below).

Moments later, a second dispatcher took up the call, but became confused by the sound of the first dispatcher’s snoring.  

Five and a half minutes into the call, the first dispatcher woke up and picked up where he left off, asking the woman for her address.

EMTs eventually arrived on the scene and transported her husband to the hospital.  He was reportedly unharmed by the time lost on the call.

The snoozing dispatcher had apparently worked a 17 hour shift and was 20 minutes away from clocking out.

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Assistant Chief Scott Graham told CNN: “In my 24 years here this is the only time a dispatcher has ever fallen asleep on a 911 call."


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