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Video: 8 Year Old Caught Stealing Neighbor's Packages

An unidentified 8-year-old girl was caught on camera stealing packages off the doorstep of her Clermont, Florida neighbor's home.

Her alleged theft has started a police investigation into a string of missing packages in the neighborhood, reports Local 6 News.

Tim Lebede told Local 6 News that he put a camera in his office window and another neighbor put decoy packages on their front porch to catch the thief: "Nobody would ever question a little girl walking around the neighborhood with packages in her hand."

Jessia Araujo, who runs a small business from her home, has had packages with more than $1,000 vanish: "We just thought maybe it just didn't get here it (or it) got lost. Never did we ever dream someone was taking them off our porch."

Clermont police said some stolen items were found at an abandoned house and will be forwarding the information to the juvenile division of the state attorney's office.


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