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Video: 140-Car Pileup on Interstate 10 in Texas, Two People Killed

In the early morning of Thanksgiving Day, dense fog on Interstate 10, southwest of Beaumont, Texas, led to an 140-car pileup that left two people dead and more than 80 injured.

Many cars were crushed by tractor trailers that had no idea what was ahead of them, reports

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Deputy Rod Carroll said the fog was so thick that deputies didn't immediately realize they were dealing with multiple accidents.

Carroll said: "It is catastrophic. I've got cars on top of cars. The foremost thing in this holiday season is how other travelers were helping us when we were overwhelmed, sitting and holding, putting pressure on people that were injured."

Interstate 10, a major highway between Texas and Louisiana, was closed for about eight hours, but had been reopened by Friday morning.


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