Victoria Beckham Baby Not Due Yet


Don’t get too excited, the rumours that Victoria Beckham had given birth on Independence Day are false, she’s not due till next week.

Mail Online reports the fashion designer still has a “little while to go” until she gives birth, despite Twitter getting all excited saying she had already welcomed a baby girl.

A spokesperson said, “The rumours are rubbish, Victoria has not had the baby but she will be giving birth soon.”

Reportedly, Vicky B was to have undergone a Caesarean section at an LA Hospital, with the new Beckham weighing in at 5lbs 8oz and named Felicity.

But David’s publicist, Simon Oliveira,said they were never expecting bub on July 4.

He tweeted: “Contrary to certain reports, David and Victoria Beckham’s baby is not due today and that was never the case.”

He did confirm that they were expecting their daughter next week.

Victoria’s spokesperson also said: “She still has a little while to go.”

So where did people get this idea?

Back in May a spokesperson for Victoria said, “It is no secret that Victoria will be having her baby in the US – we will not be confirming the date although early July is correct.”

And at a press conference for LA Galaxy over the weekend, David said, “We got married on the Fourth of July, 12 years ago, Monday, so it’s a special day for us, it always has been and always will be.”

I think he was just hopeful bub would arrive early.

He also said it is a new experience having so much pink in the house after three boys.

“We’re really excited. You know, it’s a whole new different thing for us. To have so much pink in the house, lilac in the house, and dresses… All the clothes [are] ready, the room’s ready, so we’re all ready for it and all excited.”

Victoria admits she has been putting together a wardrobe for her little girl, “But not in an obnoxious way at all. I love the French clothes for little girls. I like little girls to look like little girls.”

She even said she’s taking a different approach.

“I’m doing everything differently this time. I want it all to be natural and perfect for my little girl.”

She will be breast feeding her daughter, unlike Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, eight, and Cruz, six, who were all formula fed.

I’m actually really excited for them. After three boys a wee girl will be a blessing. Bet she’s as cute as the boys too.


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