Victor Scroggins Arrested for Tattooing 'Daddy's Girl' on Daughter's Wrist


In Richland County, South Carolina, Victor Scroggins was arrested for allegedly tattooing the words "Daddy's Girl" and a Browning logo on his 14-year-old daughter's wrist at their home in October of 2012.

According to, Scroggins was arrested last Thursday and charged with tattoo of a minor, unlawful neglect of a child and not having a required certificate.

Police received tips that Scroggins tattooed his daughter from the Department of Health and Environmental Control.

Police said Scroggins is not a licensed tattoo artist, and authorities are looking for anyone else who may have received a tattoo from Scroggins. 

"You should never take getting a tattoo lightly," said Sheriff Leon Lott. "Know the risks. Tattoos breach the skin, which means infections and other complications are possible."

This arrest comes just weeks after a horrifying video of a mother in Cuba holding down her infant son to get a tattoo.

The incident caused widespread outrage as the toddler was seen crying and trying to get away as his mother held him down.



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