Will Rubbing Vicks VapoRub On Your Feet Cure A Cold?


Many people are saying they have found a new way to get rid of a persistent cough or a common cold, and the remedy is not what you would expect.

A series of articles and social media posts claim that the best way to cure a cold is by using Vicks VapoRub, but not on your chest as suggested. The claim being made is that putting VapoRub on your feet and putting socks on before you go to bed can cure a cold by the morning and apparently gets rid of coughs “almost immediately," according to one social media user.

Some users of this method say that this has been around for years and swear by its efficiency.

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Despite many success stories, doctors are not convinced that the method has any legitimate effect. They say that by applying further away from the nose, you would only be reducing the effect of the VapoRub, though some agree that the scent of the menthol “does trick your brain into thinking your airways are opening up and you’re not so congested," according to LiftBump.

Dr. Lynne Jordan, a psychologist, has a different take on the method, however.

“By concentrating on something else, i.e. the process of putting Vicks on with the socks, you are reducing your stress levels,” Jordan told Daily Mail, adding that the stress that comes with having a cold can actually worsen symptoms.

The company that makes Vicks, Procter & Gamble, says that they “would not endorse it being used in this way” and that it is “not in line with what the product is for.”

The verdict may still be out about whether the method is just a placebo effect or not, but with many user endorsements, it may be worth a shot next time a cough just won’t let up.

Sources: LiftbumpDaily Mail / Photo credit: Tatsuo Yamashita/Flickr, Megan Sparks/Flickr

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