Veteran Suing VA Hospital After Medication Gave Him Weeklong Erection That Doctors Made A Spectacle Of (Video)


A patient at an Atlanta Veterans Affairs hospital is suing the facility after he says he got an erection that lasted over a week once administered sleeping medication. To make matters worse, when he went back to the hospital to complain about the erection, doctors reportedly made a spectacle of his situation.

According to reports, Edward Staling, a veteran, was being treated at a VA hospital for PTSD when doctors there prescribed him a sleep-aid. The Trazodone that the doctors gave him was enough to give him a painful erection that lasted hours, and when he drove himself back to complain about the condition, doctors reportedly made jokes about it while allowing people from all over the hospital to look at it.

“One had mentioned that I should line up all the women,” Stalling said. “I haven't had that many people who had seen it in my whole life, until I went to that hospital.”

Stalling had to be admitted to the hospital for 10 days, and during that time, the erection persisted while multiple doctors and nurses stopped by his room to take a peek.

“When they admitted him, he had to be hospitalized for 10 days,” Jonathan Johnson, Stalling’s attorney, explained. “It's not functional as a sex organ and he has trouble urinating. We're going to bring a case against the VA.”

Johnson also noted that at one point, doctors placed up 10 needles in Stalling’s penis.

Now, the VA hospital has released a statement about the case.

“The Atlanta VA Medical Center places the highest priority on delivering quality care while respecting the privacy of Veterans,” the statement reads. “Our focus has always been to deliver this care in a professional, compassionate and safe environment. When issues occur in our system we conduct reviews to identify, correct and work to prevent additional risk. It would be inappropriate to comment on this case without consent from the Veteran.”

Sources:Fox 13 Now, CBS 46, NY Daily News / Photo Source: NY Daily News


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