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Very Good News!

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It’s unusual to find “good news” these days.  Each day typically brings news of suffering, injustice and disappointment.  I used to keep a “good news” folder.  I thought that if I made room for the good news I would find it…or better yet, it would find me.  I experimented with the concept of, “creating my own reality” and visualizing positive events.  After a year or so, when I looked at my “good news” folder, and saw how cavernously empty it was despite my vigilance in seeking and opening up to the possibilities of other realities, I felt discouraged and stopped clipping the occasional article that came my way.

Today, however, brought a lovely piece of wonderful “good news.”  I did have to wait until late evening to experience the good news.  The day didn’t offer any harbingers that good news was heading my way.

For those of you that have ever read the kid’s book,Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, by Judith Viorst, I won’t even have to elaborate.  For a more adult reference, if anyone saw the recent Cohn Brother’s movie, A Serious Man, you too won’t have to stretch your imagination very far to “grok” that today was a day when one thing after another just kept going WRONG.  Never mind that it was Friday the 13th.  That typically holds no negative connotations for me. I was born on the 13th of a month and always felt that it gave me a free pass to uneventful Fridays that happened to land on the 13th day of the month. But what can I say, today was just a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Until I received the link to this news broadcast from Australia.  I am a member of several “listservs” that share data, research and personal stories about fat acceptance, size acceptance and Health at Every Size (sm).  It is wonderful to be connected with such a passionate, inclusive and intelligent group of women and men.  The “good news” story came from Darliene and totally made my day!

Without much further ado, I will pass on this link to, “Very Good News” (as I imagine Winnie the Pooh would label it).  And spread the joy.  My only other comment is that if I were the kind of person that was inclined to say, “I told you so,” this would be an occasion for me to shout the taunt from the rooftops.  But because I am not that person, I will just share it with EVERYONE I KNOW!!! 

Enjoy this!!!  I know I did!


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