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Vanderbilt University Women's Center Plans Event To Lecture Men On Healthy Masculinity

Vanderbilt University’s Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center is sponsoring a “Healthy Masculinities Week” from Sept. 10-17 on the school's Nashville, Tennessee, campus.

According to the center's web page, the week will "[e]xplore healthy masculinity through various lenses: American society, the gay and bisexual community, fraternities, and more."

MRCTV reports that an ad for “Healthy Masculinities Week" that was emailed to the student body (and appears on the center's web page) shows a silhouette of a man with a thought bubble that says: "Man Up," “Don’t Cry,” “Have Sex,” “Major In Business” and “Play Sports," which apparently represent thoughts of unhealthy masculinity.

The “Healthy Masculinities Week” seminars listed on the center's web page include:

"The Macho Paradox: Why some men hurt and how all men can help"

"Maintaining 'Bro' Status: Fraternity men discuss masculinity and mental health"

"Masc 4 Masc: Policing masculinity in the gay and bi communities"

"Masculinity XXL? The portrayal of manhood in Magic Mike"

"The Mask You Live In: Documentary screening and discussion"

While the event appears to target men, it is open to men and women.

Sources: MRCTV, Vanderbilt University Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center / Photo Credit: Email4jonathan/Wikimedia


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