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'Vampire Mom' Julia Caples Enjoys Drinking Human Blood

She is a woman after Bram Stoker's own heart, or anyone else's.

Julia Caples of Wilkes Barre, Penn., claims she has been drinking other people's blood for more than 30 years.

To get the full effect, the mom of two children prefers to drink blood "vampire style" with a bite into the body of a willing donor.

Caples, who claims to drink up to half a gallon of blood a month, said there is a global subculture of blood drinkers.

She gets her fill from fellow vampire enthusiasts, who are first cut with a knife.

Caples' daughter Ariel, 24, is trying to get her mom to stop. Meanwhile, mom is trying to keep her bizarre hobby away from her son Alexi, 11.

"When I feed off of a person and drink their blood I feel stronger and healthier," Caples told The Sun. "I know scientifically there’s not a lot of nutrition in blood, but maybe there’s some value we haven’t discovered yet. I feel more beautiful than any other time when I’m regularly drinking."

She added: “I’m also extremely healthy with no major health problems, and I have an abundance of energy all the time."

Caples' taste for blood began when she was a teen during her first kiss where she bit her boyfriend.

“It was my natural instinct and I liked the taste," Caples said. "I just got an urge and can’t really explain it. It’s never gone away. Needless to say though, he never kissed me again.”

Caples and her husband Donald even drank each other's blood during their 2000 wedding.

The couple has since divorced and Donald claims to have given up the habit.

“I gave up, so Julia didn’t have to," Donald said. "We agreed that one of us would need to stop and focus on parenting full time. Julia still likes to drink, but she’s also an amazing mother, and her children come first. She’d never let it stop her mothering her kids.”

Speaking of the kids, they are not real comfortable with mom's goth lifestyle.

“We have all these decorations at home like coffins and dolls," Alexi said. "I’m starting to think she’s a vampire.”

Her daughter, Ariel, added: “I think she runs a lot of health risks. I worry she might get a disease from someone through the blood.”

“I meet some donors online but I absolutely have to meet them in person first. And they have to get blood tests to make sure that they’re not carrying any blood-borne diseases like AIDS or HIV,” said the 45-year-old mom.

Source: The Sun


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