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Vaccines Make People Gay, Says Italian Scientist Gian Paolo Vanoli

Italian scientist Gian Paolo Vanoli is making headlines after claiming that vaccinations cause homosexuality in an interview with VICE.

Vanoli, 72, is a known opponent of vaccinations and an advocate of alternative medicine. He claimed vaccinations cause homosexuality by altering the formation of the child's personality.

The Huffington Post translated the VICE article by Matthew Lenardon from the Italian: “The vaccine is introduced into the child, the child then grows and tries to find its own personality, and if this is inhibited by mercury or other substances present in the vaccine which enter the brain, the child becomes gay,” Vanoli said.

“Each vaccination produces homosexuality, because it prevents the formation of one’s personality.”

While he claims vaccines cause homosexuality, he says he doesn’t “blame” homosexuals for their “illness.”

“Homosexuality is a disease,” he said. “I know that the World Health Organization does not think so, but I don’t care.”

He added, “we have to say that it’s an illness, something that does not respect the order of life.”

However he claims he supports gay marriage and same-sex adoption.

Vanoli also believes vaccinations cause autism in children. “It is a microform of autism, if you will. You will see how many gays there will be in the next generation, it will be a disaster,” he argued.

The scientist does not believe that more homosexuals are out of the closet today than 50 years ago. He thinks that today there simply are many more homosexuals because so many children are vaccinated.

"One of the main causes is represented by vaccines, which go against life, disturbing our mind and our spirit,” he said. “The proof of that is the big increase in the number of homosexuals. Since mass vaccination began, this is the result,” he said.

In the same interview Vanoli admitted he drinks his own urine daily, “a glass every day,” because he believes it is “great therapy” to reverse the effects of vaccination.

Sources: Huffington Post, Gay Star News


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