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Vaccine Critics Aside, H1N1 Really Does Kill People


Its always a bit of a dilemma when writing an entry that doesn’t
really touch on autism at all. But I have become convinced that the
population beyond the autistic and autism community need to know that
most of us within these communities do not support the know nothing
anti-science, anti-medicine and most of all, anti-vaccine community
that has a vocal minority place within our communities and that as such
we owe it to our societies to vocally counter these idiots such as
those at Age of Autism who spread lies and promote an age of ignorance.

I’ve heard it said by writers and readers of blogs like Age of Autism and sites like JABS that H1N1 is ‘no big deal’ and that the H1N1 vaccine is a dangerous and untested shot. Both of these things are untrue.

My partners youngest daughter (not autistic, although her eldest is) recently received an invitation to participate in the H1N1
vaccine testing which would involve three visits to the local hospital
over a four week period. And over the 4 week period they would take two
blood draws. This is for an ongoing safety and efficacy testing.

Swine flu is a big deal. In the UK there have been over 150 deaths since June 2009. Thats about 1 death per day.

In the US, the latest FluView weekly roundup notes 18 flu related child deaths of which 15 were due to H1N1. Fifteen in 7 days.

Next time someone says H1N1 is a ‘nothing’ issue, point them to these stats, behind which lie the dead bodies of real people.


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