Using a Juicer, Vegetable Steamer, or Meat Grinder to Eat Healthier


   I found using a Juicer, Meat Grinder, Food Dehydrator, or a Vegetable Steame in being immensely helpful towards food preparation for healthy foods. I say this in writing on this blog because these small kitchen appliances listed above can be important to prepare foods once you make decisions on healthy and/or healthier ingredients.
   The main ingredient should contain Fiber which I personally found to be immensely helpful for weight-loss, maintaining a healthy weight, GI health, improved digestion, better blood sugar control, increasing energy along with feeling pride and happier from my efforts.
Fiber is both vital & critical to any one’s diet. It is vital for weight-loss and then to maintain an ongoing healthier weight. I am not even thinking fiber from supplements. I will write about those in the future. I am looking to increase awareness of foods that possess fiber that we may not even think about because many people think of it as “taboo” because of how it applies to personal parts of our bodies.
   Fiber is found in most food groups.  Most people miss this on a regular basis.  The easiest sources to obtain without spending a fortune are whole grains and raw vegetables. Whole grains are carbohydrates. However, when the fiber content is higher the negative affects from carbs is reduced a great deal. This is a complex process in our digestive systems and I will more than happy to write more detail on this if anyone requests me to.
   How can we miss? Eating carbs without having to worry about weight gain while improving the function of several body systems. This is why I refer to this often as my "healthier-carb analogy."  One thing I cannot forget to stress is not only is fiber and more importantly a high-fiber diet both vital & critical in day-to-day needs for the human body, is also how important increasing water consumption is.
   A vegetable steamer is one of the easiest way to increase fiber in a low-carb/low-calorie-way.  If you prefer to eat your veggies warm, use a steamer and keep the juices for broth or soups. Even though this is not the best time of years for soup.  Steaming vegetables takes from 15 to usually no more than 30 minutes for a softer texture.
   A Meat Grinder is an excellent way to control fat content, make meats more easy to digest and takes only 2-3.5 minutes to grind a lb or two of meats.  Less time to grind if you use en electronic grinder.  Simpy wash the meat, trim as much as the fat as you can tolerate if you are grinding chicken, pork or beef.
   Once meats are ground, you can fry, deep-fry, bake, grill or broil it adding any spice or cooking creativity you can imagine.  A friend of mine always says, "I don't remember the quantity of each ingredient, so I couldn't cook it again but I know this tastes good."
  Pasta Makers can take more time and effort but, if you truly love pasta, than the time and effort is almost always worth it!  I always recommend all-grain or whole-grain pastas to cook with in keeping with my healthier-carb analogy above.  Pasta always scare people who wish to lose or maintain their weight.  Pasta takes more time and effort for our digestive systems to fully complete the digestive process.  Again, drink water, water and more water!
   Juicers are fun. What can I say except they can also be messy to use and require a little rinsing before you complete the process.  Turning fresh fruit or vegetable into a juice in one of the most healthy ways to eat.  The difference in taste is notable as the main Juice companies get away with close to fraud simply because fruits are a carb and the get away without having to not placing various sugars in most fruit drinks labeled as "100% Fruit Juice."
This is why the benefits of a Juicer are paramount to healthy and healthier eating!

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