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U.S. Veteran Uploads Tragic Story Of VA Malpractice To YouTube

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A U.S. War veteran has uploaded a shockingly tragic confessional to YouTube detailing her brutal treatment by V.A. doctors. The Air Force veteran, Robin Temple, spends the 12 minute video describing her story, which includes repeated malpractice incidents brought about by doctors working for the V.A.

Her story begins with a description of her going to a VA hospital in order to undergo a surgery that would remove her ovary. The VA surgeon, however, damaged her colon. When she insisted that she had something wrong, they dismissed her physical issues as mental ones. 

“[They] told me because I had PTSD, it was all in my head,” Temple says. 

Temple’s extremely real physical problems continued, however, and she ultimately fell into a coma. Her VA doctors continued blaming her problems on her PTSD.

When Temple finally took a trip to the emergency room, though, she was informed that her ovary actually was not removed from her body, and the tumors had begun to spread. The medical complications that Temple was forced to undergo after that are incredibly horrible, and she’s now relying on cadaver skin to hold her intestines together. Because of her financial situation, she is struggling to find the money required to keep up with her medical bills. She also explains that she was honorably discharged from service after claiming to be raped by her superior.

While Gawker points out that several of her statements appear to be slightly exaggerated — such as “the figure of 80% for the number of service women who were raped,” her story still raises some serious issues as to the quality of treatment at VA hospitals. 

Some concerned internet users have already set up fundraising campaigns for the veteran.


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