U.S. Vet John Quinones Turned Away From Restaurant Because of His Service Dog (Video)

John Quinones, an U.S. Army veteran who served in Iraq, was recently turned away from Winslow’s Restaurant in Fredricksberg, Texas because the eatery would not allow his service dog inside, as required by law (video below).

Quinones, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, told WOAI-TV that his dog "Diva" had clear identification as a service animal.

Appearing on NBC News on Tuesday, Quinones said that after serving in Iraq he had an intense sensitivity to bright lights and crowds, which his service dog helps him cope with.

Later, the police stopped by the restaurant to explain to the manager how the law allows service dogs under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Winslow’s Restaurant's owner has since told WOAI-TV that he will comply.

Sources: WOAI-TV and NBC News


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