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U.S. Soldier Suicides Outnumber Combat Deaths in 2012

U.S. soldier suicides continue to outnumber combat-related deaths in 2012, according to statistics recently released by the Department of the Army.

Their numbers show that through November, 303 active-duty Reserve and National Guard soldiers committed suicide, reports CBS Washington D.C.

As of Dec. 7, Stars and Stripes reports that 212 soldiers have died in combat-related deaths in Afghanistan.

In June, the Pentagon reported there had been at least 154 suicides among active-duty troops, almost one each day. The number of suicides continues to increase despite numerous new training and awareness programs.

About 53 percent of those who died by suicide in the military in 2011 had no history of deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan, according to the Defense Department.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said on Nov. 12 that the Obama administration will stop combat operations in Afghanistan by the end of 2014, but did not say when the U.S. will recall its 68, 000 troops.


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