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Urban Outfitters Sells Pro-Anorexia T-Shirt?

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I was cruising when lo and behold, I came across this post about how Urban Outfitters just came out with a simple, baggy gray T-shirt emblazoned with a loaded statement: "Eat Less."

Please note that the model chosen to wear this tee has thighs that don't touch at all. And the product description reads: "Eat less or more or however much you'd like in this seriously soft knit tee cut long and topped with a V-neck."

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Since the Urban Outfitters target demographic lurks somewhere in the teens/early twenties, having a shirt like this on their shelves could make a risky statement that promotes poor self-image. Then again, it's just a shirt, right?

But what else could it possibly mean? Help me, because I'm struggling.

Eat less ... air?
Eat less ... at Joe's?
Eat less ... saturated fat?
Eat less ... meat from endangered species?
Eat less ... what, exactly?

Seriously: WTH?!

What do you guys think? An evil device to promote self-consciousness ... or just a damn T-shirt? And what would you say/think if your daughter saw fit to cruise around town in that bad boy?


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