Up to Half of Doctors Will Quit if Health Care Passes, Poll Says


Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is bending House rules so effectively that she could pass for a professional contortionist. But let's say for a moment that she pulls off this heist and votes (correction: "deems") the Senate's health care bill passed. A new survey points out that simply because more Americans have health care doesn't mean that they will have doctors to go with it.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, anywhere from a third to a half of all practicing doctors say they would leave their profession if the President's health care plan passes. As reported by CNS News, "a majority of physicians said health care reform would cause the quality of American medical care to 'deteriorate' and it could be the 'final straw' that sends a sizeable number" of their peers out of the field. Not only would these doctors leave their profession, but 63% would urge others to steer clear of it as well. This is a far cry from what Americans have heard from the Hill and the White House--namely that this liberal plan has the backing of most American doctors.

Not so, says Andrea Santiago, a spokeswoman for Medicus Firm, which was responsible for the poll. While almost every physician is in favor of some kind of reform (96%), relatively few believe in the takeover this President is plotting. And why should they? Today's The Wall Street Journal featured a column about the state of health care in Massachusetts, which is similar to the universal system pushed by congressional Democrats. As Grace-Marie Turner tells it, 56% of state doctors are "no longer accepting new patients" because they cannot keep up with the demand. In fact, it takes an average patient 44 days just to see a physician. (And you thought the waiting rooms were full now!)

One area that will see growth under the Senate plan is the abortion industry. With billions more flowing into U.S. clinics, business will be booming. After all, one thing "we have learned during this debate," says The Washington Post writer Michael Gerson, "is that the Democratic Party's commitment to abortion rights is even more central to its identity than health reform... [T]his stance by the Democratic leadership violates an informal social agreement that has existed for decades, in which abortion is generally legal but citizens who object to the practice are not required to pay for it." That could all be ancient history after this weekend's vote. Any member that willingly moves this bill forward is taking a jackhammer to the wall between taxpayers and the bloody business of abortion.

Monica Crowley hit the nail on the head when she said, "What does Mr. Obama mean when he says, 'It's within our grasp?'... He's saying that the fundamental remaking of America is within his grasp. He's saying total government control of your life is within his grasp..." Help us put more distance between Washington's army of extremists and our nation's future. Call, email, and visit your representatives. Tell them to stop this bill--before it's too late!


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