Unruh: Planned Parenthood Worried About Bottom Line, Not Us


With Planned Parenthood and the ACLU's lawsuit to defend the rights of women to have accessible, legal abortions underway, Alpha Center founder Dr. Alan Unruh complains that the real motivation behind the pro-choice movement's actions is its desire to make money.

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“A woman who's being asked to destroy her unborn child with a 72-hour waiting period – a time to learn all about what this procedure is, to think about it, and to get as much information as possible – is a major threat to Planned Parenthood, because it's going to affect their bottom line,” said Dr. Allen Unruh, a physician who founded the Alpha Center with his wife Leslee in 1984.


“Our services are free,” he said. “We don't charge anything. We don't have a conflict of interest.”

“At Planned Parenthood, women have to pay cash up front before they even see the doctor. They've had no history, no examination, no consultation by a qualified person. They call this 'free speech rights.'”

Really?  No financial motivation by the Alpha Center, who already has profited by training other potential pregnancy centers on how to provide the state sanctioned counseling.  Even local politicians admitted the Center will likely end up receiving state funds to assist them in their mission due to the requirement that every pregnant women seeking an abortion must visit.

Who really has something to gain financially off of this bill?  Is it any wonder the Unruhs have been funding the legal defense fund with their own money?


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