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University Offers 'Voice Feminization Therapy' For Transgender Students

Male students who are transitioning to female can get “voice feminization therapy” at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM).

The LGBT Resource Center page on the university's website states: "The UWM Speech and Language Clinic provides low cost voice feminization therapy for male-to-female transgender clients."

Michelle Johnson, the university's Media Content Manager, told Campus Reform that voice feminization therapy is “in compliance with nondiscrimination policies established by the university and the American Speech Language Hearing Association.”

The ASHA website states, "Individuals who are transgender/transsexual may elect to have voice and communication therapy to help them use their voice in a safe way."

UWM's LGBT Resource Center page also says that the school has "over 50 gender inclusive restrooms" that are "a nice option" for students who "feel uncomfortable in the male and female-assigned spaces, whether it is a matter of transitional status or non-binary identity." It adds that students "have the right (guaranteed by UWM) to use ANY bathroom" and encourages them not to "feel limited to using gender inclusive ones alone."

Sources: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Campus ReformAmerican Speech Language Hearing Association / Image Credit: University Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


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