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University Of Scranton Doesn't Want To Cover Abortions To Save Mother's Life

Employee health insurance plans provided by the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania will no longer include abortion coverage when a woman is raped, a victim of incest or if her life is in danger.

University of Scranton President Rev. Kevin Quinn sent a letter to the faculty last week explaining that these types of abortion are "inconsistent with the moral teachings of the church," noted Reuters.

However, the university's faculty union claims that its members (about one third of the school's employees) will have to vote to approve these changes. The union's contract with the school does allow for abortions in those three types of cases.

The school claims that it can set its own rules because it insures itself.

Rev. Quinn sent out a second letter to the faculty saying that health insurance plans would cover indirect abortions that occur from surgical procedures, such as cancer removal.

Over in South Dakota, state Rep. Isaac Latterell (R), who compared Planned Parenthood to ISIS earlier this month, is calling for the state to outlaw all forms of abortion that include dismemberment.

Latterell authored a recent bill, H.B. 1230, that would have banned beheading in an abortion procedure, but that bill was reworded by state Rep. Burt Tulson (R) to say, "The State of South Dakota recognizes the sanctity of human life," in order to pass in a House vote.

However, Latterell wants the state Senate to change the bill again and outlaw all forms of dismemberment.

“I knew beheading was an abhorrent technique reserved for the likes of ISIS terrorists, but I did not fully appreciate how much pain the fetal dismemberment that takes place during dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortions causes the baby,” Latterell told LifeSiteNews.

RH Reality Check noted that Latterell sponsored a similar dismemberment bill, HB 1241, in 2014 would have effectively banned all "abortions past seven weeks’ gestation in the state."

“As soon as there are visible parts, the embryo or fetus is rarely removed intact,” a physician told RH Reality Check. “This bill could ban any abortion past seven weeks.”

Sources: Reuters, LifeSiteNews, RH Reality Check
Image Credit: Office of United States Senator Pat Toomey


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