'Uninsured Dying American' from GOP Debate Turned Into Pro-Health Care Ad


Protect Your Care, a Democrat-affiliated group, has turned the "let him die" incident during the CNN/Tea Party debate into an online ad campaign targeting eight Republican presidential candidates.

The online ad, available at LetHimDie.com, will run on news web sites in the early voting states Florida, Iowa and New Hampshire. The ad cycles through different candidates' names and asks people to sign a petition to get the Republican candidates to condemn the audience's reaction.

“This is not what our country stands for,” said Protect Your Care Communications Director Eddie Vale. “This extreme display of applauding for an uninsured person’s death would be expected for a gladiator in ancient Rome not from the audience in a Presidential debate as the Republican candidates all stand silently by.”

During the debate on Monday night, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) if society should just let a man die if he was in a coma and did not have health care insurance.

The audience responded with shouts of "Yes!" and clapped in support of the idea.


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