Ungrateful Husband Cheats On Wife After She Donates Kidney To Him

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Kidney donors are heroes. The difference between a healthy life and one full of dialysis sessions often only comes down to the kind act of a kidney donor offering one of their precious organs. Samantha Lamb is one of these heroes. She saved her husband's life in 2009 by giving him one of her kidneys, but sadly, he doesn’t seem very grateful.

Lamb married her husband Andy Lamb in 2007. At first, everything seemed great. They were happily married and living in a nice three bedroom house. Then, Andy fell ill. His kidneys were failing.

“He needed a new kidney or he would die,” she said. “He was on dialysis three times a week. I told Andy he should go through with it [the transplant].”

Samantha lost over 40 pounds to ensure she’d be healthy enough for the procedure. Though she indicates their marriage was already suffering, she felt it was only right to do anything she could to help Andy feel better.

But now, she says, her act of kindness did not generate the type of gratefulness in Andy one would expect.

“Andy looked really ill before the operation, gaunt and grey,” she said. "But after the transplant I felt awful, like I had been hit by a train, while he was the picture of health and full of color. I noticed he’d shaved for the camera. I mentioned it, only for him to growl, ‘Don’t talk to me like that.’

“Everything went downhill from then. He was as moody and resentful as before, worse if anything. He told me I was never to mention the transplant.”

After endless fights and bickering, Samantha became suspicious of Andy. He’d been spending an unprecedented amount of time either on the computer or out of the house.

“I’m sure the anger was caused by guilt,” she said. “He’d spend hours on his laptop and then pick a fight that would end with him leaving for hours. He would say he had been sitting in a car park, thinking. But I know what he was up to. I confronted him about having an ­affair with my friend Clare.”

Samantha suspected an affair between Andy and Clare after her mother saw Andy walking around town with his arm around her. Andy had been spending a lot of time alone with the woman, but he always said he was only helping her train her dog. She confronted Clare about the issue, and Clare admitted she and Andy were having an affair.

The couple had a brief split after news of the affair broke, but they worked out their problems and got back together. But months later, Samantha discovered Andy messing around on the side once again. This time, she discovered he was having sex chats with women online. After another round of arguments, Andy moved out of their house one evening while Samantha was at work.

Now, after giving so much of herself – literally -- to Andy, she feels their relationship is too far gone to salvage.  

“I hate him. If I could, then I would take it back and give it to someone else,” she said. “Obviously I don’t want people to be put off putting their names on the organ donor list.  But all I want from him is his name on the divorce papers.”

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