Unemployed Mother Of Four Spends $30,000 of Child Benefit Money On Plastic Surgery


An unemployed British woman spent $30,000 of her child benefit money on plastic surgery and plans to have more procedures done.

Andrea Dalzell, 48, from Cumbria, has already used her child benefit money for breast enhancement surgery, a full face lift, Botox and fillers, an extensive neck and eyebrow lift and a “designer vagina,” the Daily Mail reports.

The mother of four started saving her child benefit cash in 2003. Since then, she’s managed to save more than $33,000. She said her “thriftiness” helped her save the large sum, claiming she eats only one meal a day and doesn’t drink.

“My kids have never wanted for anything,” Dalzell, who is also a grandmother of three, told The Sun. “I have always known I would have surgery, having wrinkles and bags and going gray just isn’t for me.”

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Dalzell said she flies abroad to have her surgical procedures done by foreign doctors at a reduced price. Most recently, she traveled to Budapest for her surgical brow lift and cheek lift.

She bragged about her cheap makeover on Facebook, posting a post-surgery photo of her puffy face and bruised eyes. She said her cosmetic “holiday” to the Hungarian capital only cost her $5,000, with food, flights and hotel included.

Dalzell said such a procedure would have cost more than $15,000 in England and added that her surgeon believes they took 20 years off her — which would make her younger than her 30-year-old daughter Kayla.

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But Dalzell is not done yet. She said her next procedure will be a bottom enhancement like curvy reality TV star Kim Kardashian. She calls it a “Brazilian butt.”

Dalzell said she needs to save up $5,400 for the butt implants and needs another $7,700 to have dental veneers done in Thailand.

But with one child left in full-time education, Dalzell said it’s going to take much longer for her to have her next round of her surgeries.

Chief executive of the British Taxpayers’ Alliance Jonathan Isaby slammed Dalzell for her antics, calling it an “abuse” of the welfare system.

“Benefit payments are supposed to be used as a safety net for the most vulnerable, not as a fund for cosmetic surgery,” Isaby said. “With finances so tight, benefits must only go to those who really need them.”

The unemployed mother has two other daughters, including 22-year-old Sophie, who made headlines last year after missing a probation meeting to have breast implants.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun

Photo Credit: Via Daily Mail


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