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Unemployed Californians Receive Free Dental Care from CDA Cares

Unemployed or low-income people in California received free dental care from the California Dental Association in an event in May called "CDA Cares." 

Those who wanted dental care waited in line for hours. More than 2,000 people showed up. 

Since 2009's dental program cuts, many low income and unemployed people in the state are left without insurance. The state said that it plans to work to restore dental programs for financially disadvantaged adults.

Many Californians wanted the dental care at the event not just because their teeth were bothering them, but also because they know that employers often make snap judgments about a person based on their appearance.

Missing or discolored teeth are often portrayed in media as belonging to poor or drug addicted individuals. This trickles into real-life judgments, with many associating poor teeth with unscrupulous people. 

Poor teeth are also linked to heart disease, diabetes and other diseases. 

More than 47 million Americans lack access to dental care, and those with low income find it twice as difficult to receive annual care, according to a 2008 Kaiser Family Foundation Study.

The CDA Cares PRogram is offering free dental care in San Jose, Calif. and is supported by volunteer aid. It costs $500,000 to run, which donations from the public help cover. 

The benefits of receiving proper dental care have outstanding affects, as a 2006 study linked jobless people who had dental intervention with improved job search experience. 

Those who went to the clinic for free dental care were grateful for their experience and were aware that improved teeth would help them find a job.

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