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UNC Rape Victim Landen Gambill Files New Complaint Against School

The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill landed in some hot water recently after allegedly attempting to punish a sexual assault victim for speaking out.

Sophomore Landen Gambill has filed a new complaint with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights contending that she is being mistreated by the school for critiquing its handling of sexual assault cases.

Gambill was charged in February with violating UNC’s honor code by creating what the school called an ‘intimidating environment’ for the student Gambill claims raped her. The retaliation charges, claims Henry Turner, Gambill’s lawyer, are “inappropriate, unconstitutional, and utterly without merit.”

Turner wrote a letter to UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp on Monday that said Gambill will not attend any hearing against her.

Prior to this new complaint, Gambill and her accused attacker worked out a “no contact” agreement through the school’s disciplinary system, called the Honor Court. Shortly after, the accused rapist, with the help of the school, claimed she had disclosed key details about him that made him easily identifiable around campus.

Turner claims Gambill did not name him at any point, and was well within her rights to publicly criticize the school (Gambill had filed a complaint with a few other female students against the school critiquing how it handles rape cases).

"[T]he University's decision to press charges against Ms. Gambill has tragically provided her abuser with the opportunity to harass and intimidate her despite the 'no Contact' order issued against him last May," Turner wrote. "When the Honor Court found him guilty of 'a pattern of behavior that was intimidating and harassing,' and prohibited him from having any Contact whatsoever with Ms. Gambill, 'including but not limited to verbal, written or physical Contact.'"

Sources: The Daily Tar Heel, Huffington Post


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