Ultrasound Belt? Could This Concept Become A Reality?


When I was pregnant with my second child, after having a miscarriage a few months earlier, many of us who had experienced recent losses joked about how we would like to buy an ultrasound machine to have at home so we could check up on our babies daily.

Well, soon that may not be a joke.

Via InventorSpot.com:

New to the world of eTextiles is the PreVue pregnancy screen, an abdomen attachment that lets expecting parents see their child's growth and development as the natal process progresses.


Conceptually, this thing is great. New parents love to see the ultrasound images of their child and will often hold on to the printed picture for years if not the rest of their lives, and a product that gives easy, daily access to a child's development with the push of a button is certainly something that will generate interest. Of course, practical application might tell another story. The pictures of the concept PreVue look great, but will the actual device deliver such clarity? Not only that, but will issues arise concerning just how much use the PreVue should have, both for the health of the child and the mother? In addition, eTextiles run the problem of e-hijacking and hacking issues, representing potential privacy issues.

Of course the real question is, once this becomes available, what are the odds that states will mandate wearing one for 24 hours before getting an abortion? And, likely, making the woman pay for it out of pocket?

(Hat tip, Jezabel)


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