UK's Biggest Female Bodybuilder Rene Campbell Searching for Love


Like many divorced mothers of two, Rene Campbell is looking for a stable relationship. Unlike most divorced mothers of two, however, Ms. Campbell is a world champion bodybuilder with 26-inch thighs and size-18 shoulders.

Though Campbell is committed to maintaining her title as the UK’s biggest female bodybuilder, she laments the fact that her muscular physique has put a damper on her love life.

“I’m single at the moment after splitting up with my ex-husband – dad to my two sons – nine years ago,” Campbell told the Daily News. “I’d love to have a boyfriend who could cheer me on at competitions and cook my chicken for me, but the way I look does make it harder to meet men. But what makes having a relationship even harder is finding someone who can put up with my regimented lifestyle. I was dating two years ago, but the guy struggled with the fact that I had to put my training first.”

Campbell describes herself as “bigorexic.” She claims to eat seven chicken breasts and 4200 calories per day.

Despite the stress her demanding career has placed on her love life, Campbell isn’t packing up the protein shakes and free weights any time soon.

“I can’t ever imagine being thin again – I’m so much happier this way,” she says. “For now, I guess I’m married to the industry.”

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