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British Woman Rushed To Hospital With Severe Stomach Pain, Finds Out She Is Eight Months Pregnant And In Labor

A British woman went to the hospital with severe "stomach cramps" only to discover she was eight months pregnant and going into labor.

Amanda Jessup, 23, said that she was in "complete shock" when hospital staff told her not only that was she pregnant but also that her baby was crowning.

Jessup reportedly didn't think much of the fact that she gained nearly 30 pounds in four months, and she attributed her back pain to heavy lifting at work and her mood swings to depression.

On March 26, Jessup's boyfriend of three years, Ben Funnell, rushed her to the hospital after she woke up with severe cramps. 

"After being examined by a nurse, they broke the news to me that I wasn't suffering from stomach cramps, but I was at least 35 weeks pregnant — and in labor," Jessup said.

Jessup was in labor for eight hours before she arrived at the hospital, according to MailOnline. Her baby, Terrance, was born a healthy 5 pounds 2 ounces.

Terrance was placed in an incubator for a few hours of monitoring after he was born because Jessup, who didn't know she was pregnant, consumed alcohol during the pregnancy on multiple occasions. Terrance was found to be perfectly healthy.

"Friends joked about me being pregnant as my appetite and waistline grew, but I'd always been a big eater so put it down to that," Jessup said.

She added that she tried to lose weight by cutting out junk food and dieting, but nothing helped. 

Once the shock of unexpectedly becoming parents wore off, the couple broke the news to family and friends over Facebook.

"It was hard to adjust to being a mum," she said. "Most people have nine months to get used to the idea, while I had about 15 minutes!"

Friends and family did their best to help the new parents.

"We had so much help," Jessup said. "All my family and friends were running around in a panic, looking for old baby things to donate."

Sources: Daily Mail, MommyPage / Photo credit: Flickr


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