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U.K. Woman Nearly Blinded From Cheap Halloween Contacts

Experts have warned that a cheap brand of Halloween contact lenses could cause blindness following the hospitalization of one woman after she wore them.

“We have had to treat patients who have suffered corneal ulcers, corneal abrasion, vision impairment and even blindness as a result of [these] products,” Dr. Steve Schallhorn, Chief Medical Director of Optical Express, told

Last year, U.K. woman Jess Wilby, 23, bought a pair of emerald green lenses to pair with her Medusa costume for a spooky night out. However, her night was reportedly cut short when she began to feel severe pain.

When Wilby woke up in the morning, she said her eyes were swollen and in pain. Wilby was in so much pain that she took an emergency trip to her doctor and took three days off of work.

“My advice to anyone planning their Halloween costume and contemplating purchasing lenses like the ones I used would be to stay very cautious!” Wilby said. “I followed the instructions on the packaging and still managed to get seriously hurt.”

Wilby added that those who wish to complete a Halloween costume should seek out professional products.

Schallhorn said that it’s common to see beauty salons and convenience stores sell this type of product around Halloween. The problem is that many customers believe the products are safe, when in reality they are “anything but.”

Schallhorn recommended that those seeking contacts for Halloween visit a professional and receive a prescription. 

Sources:, Toledo Blade

Photo Credit: Optical Express via


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