UK Health Secretary to Ban Cigarette Displays


The UK is taking steps to keep cigarette ads from retail establishments. The health secretary, Andrew Lansley, announced a ban on the ads this month.

Small retailers voicing concerned over closures of their stores and large tobacco companies such as Phillip Morris and Japan Tobacco International have expressed displeasure about the proposed ad ban. Critics of the ban say it will increase the intrigue surrounding smoking which will make young people more apt to try smoking.

Similar bans have proven otherwise. A study done after display ads were outlawed in Ireland showed that less teens recognized the tobacco logos and other name recognition ques. Phillip Morris responded to the ban by filing a law suit.
Even so, the government is willing to negotiate, especially with the small retailers. They may give more time to comply with the law and they have already discussed increased shelf space for tobacco products. The original plan called for no more than a single shelf space sized display to more than 1,000 square inches, and they are expected to double that area as well.

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