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UK Could be First Country to Approve Three-Parent IVF

The United Kingdom will likely be the first country to research three-parent IVF treatment. 

The technique would utilize DNA from two women and one man, but the resulting child would mainly have DNA of its real mother and father, and only 2% of its DNA would be from the egg donor.

The goal is to help people overcome deadly, incurable diseases. 

Researchers believe the technique is "potentially useful," but needs to be tested more to ensure that treatment is being properly used.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority said they want to make sure the three-parent IVF treatment is safe.

"Although optimistic about the potential, the panel recommends a cautious approach. It advises that research is carried out before the techniques can be considered safe and effective," the group said. 

But critics are upset that the HFEA has approved the research, despite claims that the technique will not alter babies personalities or looks.

Though it is hoped that the technique will eliminate serious issues caused by the mother's DNA, like brain, liver and heart diseases, critics say the process is "meddling with the building blocks of life." 

In the UK, more than 200 babies are born with life altering conditions. Researchers hope this technique could reduce the number. 

Before it can be introduced, however, official legal and ethical reviews have to be completed.

Sources: CNN,Inquisitr


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