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12-Year-Old Boy Suffers Massive Burns From Egyptian Henna Tattoo, Doctors Say It Could Be Permanent (Photos)

A 12-year-old United Kingdom boy has suffered what some say could be permanent burns after receiving a henna tattoo while on vacation with his family in Egypt.

Ethan Crosland’s mother allowed him to get a temporary henna tattoo while the family vacationed in Egypt, but soon after, the ink used on his skin left him with massive blisters and caused him immeasurable pain from the inflammation. Doctors are treating the boy with creams and medication, but they say that the scarring could be permanent, and now, Crosland’s mother Emma Lindley is speaking out to warn others of the dangers they could face.

“There were young toddlers racing around the hotel complex who had them done and things could really go wrong for them,” said Lindley, according to the Daily Mail. “'We don't know why Ethan's tattoo has developed as it has but I wouldn't want others to go through what he has done.”

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The henna tattoo, which is of a dragon, left an enormous dragon-shaped scar on the boy’s leg, and although the pain has mostly subsided, doctors say that the scarring could be there for the rest of his life.

This isn’t the first time that a henna tattoo from Egypt has caused severe damage to a child. The Daily Mail reports that earlier this year, seven-year-old Liam Sayer was left with a massive scar on his back after a black henna tattoo he received on a vacation in Egypt caused him the same amount of agony and pain.

Liam Sawyer (below)

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Additionally, Opposing Views reported earlier this year that a U.K. family was in an ongoing lawsuit with a travel company after two young sons received massive dragon-shaped henna tattoos that left permanent scars at an Egyptian hotel three years ago. As of April, the Groves family was still fighting the travel company in court, and the two sons were still suffering the effects of the henna tattoo burns.

Liam and Owen Groves (below)

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Sources: Daily Mail, Express UK


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