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UCSB Feminist Studies Professor Attacked 16-Year-Old Pro-Life Demonstrator After Stealing Sign

A University of California, Santa Barbara feminist studies professor reportedly attacked a group of pro-life demonstrators at a rally, stealing one of their signs and then scratching and pushing the demonstrator who tried to get it back.

The National Review reports (via The College Fix) that twelve anti-abortion demonstrators came from nearby Thomas Aquinas College to display graphic abortion photos in the free-speech zone at UCSB on March 4. Associate Professor Mireille Miller-Young arrived with a group of students, leading a chant of “tear down this sign” and proclaiming that abortion is a woman’s right.

Miller-Young then reportedly took a sign and left with her entourage. Thrin Short, a 16-year-old pro-life demonstrator, followed at her heels to get it back. According to Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, the group that trained Short and some of the other demonstrators, Miller-Young pushed Short as she tried to grab the sign back while the professor got on an elevator. Miller-Young also scratched the teen’s arms, leaving marks.

Kristina Garza, head of campus outreach for the pro-life nonprofit, told The College Fix that the group wants Miller-Young “prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

UCSB student newspaper The Daily Nexus reported that Miller-Young is facing assault charges. The University issued no comment, with a spokesperson writing in an email that university policy prohibits “discussing personnel matters.”

A student of the professor said that the demonstrators had “sensationalized” the incident and that Miller-Young had endured harassment and received hate mail since it came to light.

Joan Short, the 21-year-old sister of the teenager who also attempted to get the sign back, stood by the group’s display of graphic images.

“The pictures, yes, show violence after it happened but what is so much worse than the pictures is the violence itself,” she told Fox News. “And if we have to show what is happening out there to stop it then we have to go there and show it.”

She also remarked that Miller-Young “shows porn to her students so she’s not really the one to talk about offending images.”

Miller-Young specializes in black cultural studies, pornography, and sex work, according to her faculty bio.

Sources: National Review, The Daily Nexus, Fox News


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