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uChek App Can Check Urine for Medical Conditions

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A new app called 'uChek' can reportedly analyze human urine and check for medical conditions. 

According to Independent.co.uk, the app will be available to download this month from Myshkin Ingawale, who unveiled it at this week's TED conference in Long Beach, California.

“Everyone pees and everybody carries a smartphone. We figured we had to be able to do something with this,” said Ingawale.

To test urine, you dip a standard testing strip into your urine and take a photograph of the results.

uChek then analyzes the test strips’ color chart to determine whether you have a range of conditions such as: diabetes, urinary tract infection, liver problems and cancer.

Of course, if a bad result should appear, people are advised to consult their doctor to confirm the results.

This is not the first health-oriented app on the market.

AgaMatrix created a diabetes app that works with a blood glucose meter that you can plug into your iPhone.

The Lifelen Project created an app to test for malaria which works using an Android phone and a microscopic lens attachment.

The FDA recently gave clearance for a heart monitoring app, AliveCor, which monitors your heart and communicates wirelessly with your iPhone.

Source: Independent.co.uk


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