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Tyra Banks: My Breasts are the Real Deal

During a recent interview, model Tyra Banks dismissed rumors that she underwent breast augmentation early in her career. The host of America's Next Top Model said she understands why many people think she's gone under the knife to surgically enhance her chest.

At the start of her modeling career, Tyra appeared on dozens of magazine covers. During this time, "It was a very big rumor that I had breast implants," she said. "I'll admit that they did look fake, but they weren't!"

Though the camera angles and clothing styles might have made her chest look larger than it is now, she insists that she's never had breast implants.

CNN host Piers Morgan also asked Tyra whether she would consider cosmetic surgery to turn back the hands of time, erasing signs of aging.

"Oh definitely, yes," she replied. "No hesitation."

This lack of reluctance to change her appearance may come as a surprise for many of Tyra's fans, who are accustomed to her belief that women of all body types should feel confident in their looks. Just last month, she praised singer Rihanna for flaunting her curves on the cover of Vogue Magazine.

Find more of Tyra's thoughts regarding plastic surgery here:


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